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Painting Services

Weekend Painting Services

Weekend Painting offers interior painting services only. We only work on weekends so we favour smaller jobs that can be completed in a day or two, unlike most painting contractors who prefer longer and larger jobs. This is particularly useful if you are handy yourself and only need someone to paint the more difficult areas for you, or if you are a realtor and have a couple of small rooms that will help you sell your client's home more quickly.

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Weekend Painting offers full service interior painting, from a single room to your entire home including all trim, ceilings, and walls.

We do all preparation necessary to give the highest quality paint job. We fill nail holes, we can repair larger holes or cracks, and we re-caulk all the joints between trim and walls to create a flawless finish.

Since we only work on weekends, we favour smaller jobs that can be completed in a day or single weekend. However, we are willing to spread work across multiple weekends to provide you with the best possible paint job for your home.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Services

Weekend Painting does not do exterior painting. Since we are only available on weekends it makes scheduling (and rescheduling when the weather is bad) too difficult, and it will have a negative impact on all our interior customers.

We do, however, offer power washing services which can be done rain or shine.

Commercial Services

Commercial Painting

At this time, Weekend Painting does not do any Commercial painting.

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