The Weekend Painting Process

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Weekend Painting Process Overview

Weekend Painting Job Process

Weekend Painting follows a general process with your paint job.

  • Quote / Proposal
  • Booking and Arrival
  • Preparation and Painting!
  • Quality Check and Customer Walk-through
  • Customer Feedback and References

TheWeekend Painting Proposal

The Proposal

Weekend Painting provides you with a no obligation written, and detailed proposal for painting. It outlines what we are committing to do, and what is not included in the price. No hidden costs, no surprises.

Chances are Weekend Painting will not be the cheapest quote you will get. But, we provide a paint job that is a "cut" above. For example, when painting wall and trim, part of our normal job is to re-caulk the door frames, window frames, and baseboards where they meet the walls to eliminate unsightly gaps. This is automatically included in the price and is not considered an add-on. This level of work and attention to detail is one thing that separates us from our competition and is something that most other contractors won't take the time to do.

We will take you through the proposal to ensure we have properly understood your needs. We are confident that our proposal and price will meet your needs, and that we will book your job and plan our arrival day!

It is uncommon to achieve a very high quality paint job with one coat of paint. For this reason, we always write our proposals for two full finish coats. In the rare occasion that only a single coat is needed, Weekend Painting will reduce the final price by the cost of the second coat.

Scheduling and Arrival

Job Scheduling and Arrival

Once you have accepted our proposal, we will work together to find a time and duration that works for your schedule, and fits into the work we already have booked. Some customers have more flexibility so there is always a possibility to accomidate you if your needs are more urgent.

Weekend Painting uses primarily Behr Marquee paint, available at Home Depot. This is a wonderful paint that dries to a deep rich colour that you will be thrilled with. From a painter's perspective, it covers very well and dries quickly, making it a great paint for smaller jobs. We will require the colour codes needed for your paint job four or five days in advance of arrival to ensure we are ready to go on arrival day. We will accept codes from any brand, although the best colour match will be to Behr paint chips.

On arrival day, the crew lead or I will go through the proposal with you to ensure the on site crew knows exactly what is expected. This is also an opportunity to express any special concerns you have, such as pets that need to remain inside, or plants or fragile items that need special care. We strongly prefer you to be present on the morning of the first day - we can schedule our arrival time to be as convenient for you as possible.

Preparation and Painting

Preparation and Painting

The first part of your paint job will appear to move slowly. Preparation, and all the brush work take the most time, but the most visible difference comes from the final application of paint.

Preparation is often the most messy part of the job. Weekend Painting takes extra care to minimize dust and mess in and around your home. We always use drop cloths wherever possible, cover your furniture in canvas or plastic drop cloths, and we sweep or vacuum before beginning any finish work and before the day ends. For exterior work, we will use drop cloths to catch as many paint chips as possible and to cover plants, decks, driveways, or your grass.

There will often be some caulking or wood filler required to fill cracks or holes in trim or wood siding. Depending on the amount of caulking it may require overnight to dry properly before it can be primed and painted. We generally use quick dry materials to help the job go more quickly, but some larger repairs and some types of repairs do not respond well to quick dry.

Repairs will normally be primed with the self priming finish coat that we use. However, if there is new wood or stains that need to be fixed, a special purpose primer may be required which means there might be a strong smell for a day or two. We will tell you in advance so you know what to expect.

Two coats of paint is applied to ensure full and proper coverage. All the edges are normally brushed first, called "cutting in", followed by roller, then repeated for the second coat. Don't be fooled by claims of one coat colour changes, by painters, paint companies, or "One coat" rollers. In most circumstances it will simply not be a great paint job with one coat.

During the painting process there are times when paint doesn't seem to go quite where it's supposed to. These spots are normally called "hits", "misses", "dabs", or "over cutting". Sometimes it is done on purpose where two colours meet, or in other difficult places to ensure the final job is excellent. The last stage of painting is to find all the spots where touchups are needed and correct them to leave you with a perfect paint job.

The final stage of painting is to clean up. Weekend Painting prides ourselves on leaving your home as clean, or cleaner, than when we arrived. Aside from a fabulous new paint job, there should be no sign that we were in your home.

The Highest Quality Job

Quality and Walk Through

After the work is complete and the initial quality check is done, we will ask you to join us on a walk through of the job. We will ensure that everything you were expecting has been completed and to the highest level of quality.

Now that we agree the job is complete, we will ask for your payment in full.

At the present time, Weekend Painting only accepts cash payments.

Feedback and Reference

Your Feedback and Reference

At the completion of each job, we ask that every customer fill out a job evaluation form. Your comments help us improve our painting, communication, and overall customer service. And, your rating impacts the compensation of the crew who painted your home. So, please, take your time to fill out the form completely and accurately.

We will ask for your permission to be a reference for future potential customers. This may involve providing your email address or phone number so that future prospective customers with similar jobs to yours can speak to someone who has actually used Weekend Painting before. If you do not agree we will not provide your information. In addition, if you agree then change your mind, just let us know and we'll remove you from our reference list.

This ends the paint job. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

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